Candidate (GOBS Bank and Job Fair)
1. GOBS Bank/Job Fair is a non-profit organization of G-TEC to arrange a platform where “Right Candidates meet Right Employers.”
2. Please visit the employers website or do necessary enquiry before enrolling into their norms.
3. We do not hold any responsibilities over the placements or its assurance, vacancies, company profile, financials, salary issues, job related issues or any other issues/concerns related with your employment through GOBS Bank or G-TEC Job Fair.
4. G-TEC hold the right to reject your candidature without any notice in case of any non-conformity of our policies or malpractices/abuse of our brand or terms etc. WE also hold every right to publish your placement information secured through us (except contact details) in our offline and online promotional materials.
5. This is an entirely free service for you and hence you are not are liable for any service charges from any party including the Employers for placements. In case any employers demand any fee, communicate it with our HR Coordinator at with a copy to and
6. Any grievances in this regard can communicated with GOBS Bank team at +91 495 4088333.
7. Please check more T&C in our GOBS Bank website.